Tadabbur Fil Quran

September 2017: I am now posting all of my Tadabbur fil Quran posts on this blog as well as many readers preferred to read on wordpress. You can find all the articles written here.


I have started (yet) another site.

These days I am busy studying Quran in a little more depth. I start with detailed meanings of the arabic words, tracing them back to their roots, then I learn the meanings of all the different forms made with that root.

Next I move on to the lexical and grammatical study of the ayaat, whenever I can find the material.

Next I read the simple translation, then read the tafseer and related notes about those ayaat from different tafaseer. Tafseer ibn Katheer, Maariful Quran and Tafsir Uthmani form the spine of my study.

And then I listen to Nouman Ali Khan’s video lectures on those ayaat. (Disclaimer: I do not agree 100% with Nouman Ali Khan esp in matters like intermingling, hijaab etc. but he knows his arabic well. I do not follow him in the matters of fiqh.)

Needless to say I am finding gems in my study.

And I want to share my awe and wonder with everyone. So a few weeks ago, I started a whatsapp group where I share gems from my study notes. But today I also setup a medium publication for this purpose to broaden the reach. You can find it here.

So why another site, why not share on this space? Because everything I write here is my personal opinion and everything I share on Tadabbur fil Quran comes from my study and not at all my own opinion. I do not want to get the two mixed, hence I have given my study notes their own place by the name of Tadabbur fil Quran.

Please have a look, and if you find my notes beneficial, please follow my publication on medium. You will need an account for medium, but you can also log in using twitter and facebook acounts.




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