Atlas of the Quran

This is a post in my series From My Bookshelf where I will share short reviews of books I have found beneficial.

atlas of the Quran
Atlas of the Quran

I am a visual learner and I love maps. Hence I really like this book by Dr. Shauqi Abu Khalil. It takes stories from the Quran and represent them in the form of maps, tables and pictures. It also provides a summary of the incident and other useful information like how many times the names of the prophets appear in the Quran and where.

atlas of the Quran 2
Journey of Musa AS to Madian.

For a student of Quran this book can provide quick references and can prove to be a valuable research tool.

atlas of the Quran 3
present day picture of Khaibar near Madina.

Published by Dar us Salaam, it is easily available in many countries. Originally it is written in English and I am not aware of any translations.


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