Raheeq al Makhtoom

This is a post in my series From My Bookshelf where I will share short reviews of books I have found beneficial.

Raheeq al Makhtoom
Raheeq al Makhtoom (The sealed nectar)

Raheeq al Makhtoom (The sealed nectar) is a brief narration on the blessed life of Rasulullah (SAW) by Safi-ur-Rahman al-Mubarkpuri. It was chosen to receive the first prize by the World Muslim League.

This book is not very detailed, and since it does not describe the events of Seerah in a lot of detail, it cannot be sufficient if you are trying to dig deeper into the science of Seerah.

But for a beginner who may want to quickly read through all the major events of the blessed life of Rasulullah (SAW), it can be a good read. It covers all the major events in chronological order and derives the information mostly from the authentic sources.

The language of the book is very dry though, and writing style is not very flowing. Which makes this book a bit heavy to read especially for kids and non-readers.

I like to use this book as a spine when we are doing a detailed study of the Seerah of Rasulullah (SAW) but I like to supplement it with other books to make our study of the Seerah as rich as possible.

It has been published by Dar us Salaam and is easily available in many countries.


One thought on “Raheeq al Makhtoom

  1. I agree with you. The book is good overall, and what I really like is the frequent referencing to original texts which is so important. However, the flow isn’t so good if you’re reading in English, as is the case with so many translated books.


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