Arabic through self study website

Alhamdulillah my Pathway to Arabic through self study has a website of it’s own now.

As I am adding more resources to learn Arabic to this pathway, I realized that it has grown beyond the scope of a simple blog post. So I have made a website for it.


The minimalist material document theme is really easy on the eyes. All the resources are now much more organized, and structured into courses. Navigation through the resources is a lot easier now.

Check it out here.


3 thoughts on “Arabic through self study website

  1. Masha Allah! amazing!
    May Allah give you jaza e khair for all this effort.i remember when i started arabic self study through these books i quit it after a while because i felt lost, i kept losing track of videos and i didn’t have a clear path in front of me.its really encouraging and makes things easier when one has a clear path especially in self studying .may Allah make it beneficial for others.

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