Reflections On Homeschooling And Life In General

Image by Aaisha Muhammad

Here are a few reflections, or musings or advise I want to give to homeschooling mothers and mothers in general, as a long time homeschooling mother.

1. DO NOT COMPARE YOURSELF TO ANYONE. I wanted to write this one at the end, but then I decided to write it in the beginning, so even if you do not read my (long) post till the end, you still read this. I repeat: DO NOT COMPARE YOURSELF TO ANYONE. “If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain or bitter, for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.” ~ Desiderata

2. Achievements are not always shiny accomplishments. The fruit of your labour may not look like a fruit at all. A happy and content child who trusts you is your success, even if he/she does not acquire straight A’s. As far as you are spending time with your kids and trying to make them better Muslims and better people, YOU ARE A SUCCESS. Don’t let the standards of society dictate the meaning of success. Value the process more than the end goal.

3. NOT ALL KIDS ARE ACADEMICALLY INCLINED, AND THAT’S OK. Not all kids will be doctors, programmers and scientists. There will be those who like making things, creating art and so on. Doctors, scientists and corporate leaders are not superior to chefs or wood workers or mechanics. Humanity’s strength is in its diversity. Rather than focusing on what your child can not do, support him/her in what he/she wants to do, and you will see the wonders. That’s one of the biggest blessings of homeschooling. We can nurture a child to be the best possible version of themselves and not inferior copies of others.

4. Not all moms get the opportunity or circumstances to pursue their dreams, be it higher education or anything else. And that’s OK too. We may have a demanding child, or a sick or elderly family member or large families to care for. Have a deep look at your circumstances, see what you can do, give it your best and don’t worry about what you cannot do. BLOOM WHERE YOU ARE PLANTED.


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