Optimism and belief in al-akhirah

A believer is not the one who will sit in a corner depressed or give up even before the battle starts. Our imaan gives us the confidence to look our enemy in the eye, no matter how big he is and say "Allah is with the patient!"


Allah sets role-models for us

Selling one's self to please Allah is a very strong expression in itself. But coupled with the word "maradhaat" the meaning is intensified even further. It means that these slaves do not seek just the pleasure of Allah, they seek the extreme pleasure of Allah. They go above and beyond in their desire to please their Master.

Al Khawateem

trees in fog.

There are many Ayaat in the Quran that end in the attributes of Allah (Most High). And always there is a connection between the context of the ayaah and the attribute being mentioned. In fact the precise endings of the ayaat (al khawateem) is a linguistic feature of the Quran and a study on its own.