Resources for an In-Depth Study of Quran

I am sharing the resources I am currently using to study Quran, for the pleasure of Allah, and to help other students of Quran out there.


كل من عليها فان

The trees are old. I sit here under them and wonder what stories they would tell if they could. Others would have sat where I sit now. People who were clever and beautiful and witty and genius. Or simple and kind and loving and great. But they went. And I shall go too. And the … Continue reading كل من عليها فان

What is happiness?

A few years ago I went to Kruger National park with my family. As we were driving down a side road we came across a pride of lions who had killed a hippopotamus and were eating it. There were a couple of very young cubs who were frolicking on the road while their mothers ate, but there was an older cub who was eating alongside the adults. The hide and meat of the hippo was too tough. Some of the adults were also having a hard time in tearing and eating but this young cub had it hardest. His fur was drenched in sweat as he tried to tear the tough hide and chew the tough meat.