Ahkam Tajweed al Quran

These books are an excellent source of learning the theory of Tajweed for beginners and intermediate level students of Tajweed.


Pathway to learning Arabic through self-study

There are many people out there who want to learn Arabic but cannot do so because they do not have the time to enroll in full time study or they do not have access to a teacher or institute. I was one of them. As a homeschooling mother my time was really limited so I … Continue reading Pathway to learning Arabic through self-study

How will we meet our Lord for the first time?

I am standing on the day of Qiyamah, helplessly looking at the angels gathering and piling my deeds on top of each other in front of me. Allah is there in front of me, on His throne, in all His majesty. The first time I am able to look at my Allah but I am too scared to look up. I am just standing there paralyzed with fear, unable to tear my eyes away from whatever the angels are bringing.