Tafseer Notes

I and my kids do a Quran study circle a few times a week. We attempt to study around half a page from the Mushaf in each sitting. We start with vocabulary and grammar and then move on to tafseer. We also discuss what lessons can be drawn from these ayaat and how to apply them in our lives.

To save time and make things easier for my kids, I study the ayaat beforehand and make detailed notes. And during our Quran study time we use those notes to learn and discuss.

You can read more about the books and other resources I use here.

I am sharing these notes here for the benefit of other students of Quran.

Few Notes About The Notes

  1. These notes are in PDF form. You will need to download the PDF and view it in Adobe Reader. The web preview may not display the annotations properly or may not show them at all.
  2. Each PDF has some Quranic text, along with two English translations (Muhsin Khan and Mufti Taqi Uthmani). The text is then annotated with sticky notes and highlights providing grammar and vocabulary notes, explanations and reflections, and saheeh ahadeeth pertaining to the explanation of the ayaah.
  3. The annotations are color-coded for my own reference but you can ignore the difference of colors.
  4. These notes were made for my own reference. You may find them a little cryptic here and there. Please excuse as I didn’t have enough time to format and edit them in too much detail.
  5. These notes can not replace a tafseer book. They are to supplement the study of any tafseer book. Check out the books I am using here.
  6. You will find references in notes like “Read more about it in MQ” MQ stands for Marif al Quran. (See more about Marif al Quran here).
  7. You are free to share and use the notes for non-commercial use only.

May Allah accept our efforts in the understanding and service of His Word. Ameen.

Tafseer Notes by Surah

001. Al-FatihahPart 1
078. Al-NabaPart 1
079. Al-NaziaatPart 1
080. AbasaPart 1
081. Al-TakweerPart 1
082. Al-InfitaarPart 1
083. Al-MutaffifeenPart 1
084. Al-InshiqaqPart 1
085. Al-BuroojPart 1
086. Al-TariqPart 1
087. Al-AalaPart 1
088. Al-GashiyahPart 1
089. Al-FajrPart 1
090. Al-BaladPart 1
091. Al-ShamsPart 1
092. Al-Lail
Part 1
093. Al-DuhaPart 1
094. Al-InshirahPart 1